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Admiral Trademarks & Patents Services
Trademarks - Patents - Designs - Copyrights


Registration  & Renewal

Brand management, trademark prosecution and protection


Commercialisaton & Renewal

Patent commercialsation and tecnology tansfer are essentail to modern business


Design registrations & Renewal

Design searches, commercialisation and licensing of designs and overseas


Protection of copyrights

Copyright ownership and infringement advice,
registration of copyrights in Australia, New Zealand, USA and overseas

Why choose us

Admiral Trademarks & Patents Services is established since 2003.. We are an Australian Intellectual Property firm assisting in the protection and commercialization of your intellectual property rights in Australia and New Zealand. We are proud to bring you the fastest and easiest way to protect your trademarks and inventions at competitive rates.


Shape your future inteectual property with professionals

“I am thoroughly impressed by Amiral Trademarks & Patents Services professionalism and service. Efficient communication and a willingness to get things done quickly without compromising on quality or customer service really enhanced our expereince with the firm.”


We are experienced trademark consultants and patent consultants providing intellectual property services.   All your intellectual property services requests will be looked after by our team of professional intellectual property lawyers, trademark agents, trademark consultants, and specialist patent lawyers in Australia and New Zealand.  


We give advice on trade mark (brand etc.) and registration requirements.  Our services inlcude trade mark commercialisation services., trade mark renewals,  organizing and formulating actions for trade mark removal and cancellations.  We also handle trade mark oppositon and disputes.  

We help to enhance and develope branding strategies and marketing strategies.  


A patent protects new inventions and covers how things work, what they do, how they do it, what they are made of and how they are made. Inventors can obtain their patents from the official registrar of patents and have their rights enforced against any infringement in Australia or internationally.

Commercialisation involves distribution, licensing, negotiating, selling and acquiring of patents, designs and transfer of technology for commercial purposes.  More importantly the commercialisation process is a way of developing innovative ideas and innovations and applying them to real-world problems.  

Our network of IP consutlants and attoneys shall provide you with the services  inluding  licensing of patents and technology, technology transfer, software and IT licensing agreement, etc.


Designers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs who have invested their efforts and time in designing their products would like to have their designs protected from others’ misuse and infringement.

A design refers to the features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation which gives a product a unique appearance, and must be new and distinctive. You may get registration of the design from the Registrar of designs in Australia.  A registered design gives the owner of the design exclusive rights to commercially use, licence or sell it

A registered design is valid for a maximum term of 10 years, with a renewal fee payable at the 5th anniversary from filing.

There is a strict time frame to apply for a design if the design has been disclosed before making the application. We can give you basic information regarding the requirements to obtain your registered designs. Further information can be obtained from IP Australia.



The importance of copyrights to creators has been well recognized in the world. It is essential to know what are the areas of copyrights can cover.

Copyrights may apply to a wide range of creative, intellectual, or artistic forms, or works. Specifics may vary by countries, but can include poems, theses, plays and other literary works, motion pictures, musical compositions, sound recordings, painting, computer software, photographs, radio and television broadcasts and industrial designs.

However copyright does not protect ideas, information, techniques, names or slogans..  Copyright is an intangible asset attached with legal rights that give the copyright owner a right to take legal action if others uses their copyright material (without permission) in one of the ways reserved to the copyright owner with exception in some circumstances.

We can help you to obtain your copyrights registrations in Australia, New Zealand or overseas. Please contact us for further information.


We invite foreign associates to contact us for any of your IP work in Australia and New Zealand. Our realistic approaches to IP solutions  and fixed fees model shall beneift your clients internationally with peace of mind..

Pleae contact us for our schedule of fees.